November 19, 2022
Space Heater in Sherwood, AR

Having your furnace fail in your Sherwood, Arkansas home is no small matter. Although you might be tempted to eke out the winter with the meager comforts of a space heater, using one of these appliances as a sole heating source is dangerous. Whether your furnace is underperforming or not performing at all, a low-cost space heater is never a suitable alternative. Keep reading to find out why.

Space Heaters Can Only Be Used Under Supervision

Unlike furnaces, you can’t turn your space heater on and leave the room. More importantly, you can’t fall asleep while your space heater is running. These units are only acceptable for supervised, daytime use. Your space heater will have to be shut off when you go to bed and whenever you aren’t physically near it.

Even when space heaters have built-in safety features such as emergency shut-off switches, there’s still the risk of fire when they tip over or malfunction. There is also the danger of paper, cloth, or other items getting dropped or blown into them. The risks of having a space heater constantly running in your home are especially high if you have any small children or rambunctious pets in your household.

The Average Space Heater Can Only Heat One Room

Just like its name implies, a space heater is only meant for heating a very small amount of space. You cannot use one of these units to warm up your entire house. Furthermore, you should also avoid plugging more than one space heater in at a time.

Your Home Energy Bills Will Go Through the Roof

Despite their small size and modest heating capabilities of space heaters, they can cost a veritable fortune to run. This is especially true when they’re used as alternatives to whole-house heating solutions. Cumulatively, the costs of using a space heater as a primary heat source throughout the winter can match or even exceed the costs of having a broken furnace repaired.

If your furnace can’t be repaired, having a new furnace installed is a far safer alternative to using space heaters. It’s also guaranteed to be the most cost-effective choice in the long run.

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