January 5, 2021

Most American households choose furnaces to heat their homes. Although furnaces have long lives and generally need less maintenance than other central HVAC systems, they aren’t impervious to natural wear and tear. Investing in an annual furnace maintenance plan can have major benefits.

Save Money

Admittedly, HVAC maintenance costs money. However, you could pay lower utility bills by having your furnace serviced.

Even if your utility savings and HVAC maintenance costs even out, annual maintenance plans prolong the useful life of your equipment and offer several other benefits you don’t want to miss out on.

Detect Gas Leaks

In the United States, almost half of all homes use furnaces powered by natural gas. The fuel is widely available and affordable. It’s also substantially cleaner than many other fossil fuels.

Still, like all fossil fuels, natural gas is flammable. Unlike modern plumbing material, pipes that carry natural gas are forged from hard metals like brass, copper and steel. These pipes last a long time, and due to their sturdy nature, natural gas leaks often result from poor maintenance and bad pipe fittings. HVAC professionals typically perform dozens of individual inspections and diagnostic tests when servicing furnaces. They’ll check out your natural gas piping and promptly respond to any signs of weakness. This significantly reduces the risk of leaks.

Maintenance Keeps Your Warranty Active

In most cases, modern furnaces last between 15 and 20 years. All major manufacturers back their furnaces with warranties. These usually range up to 10 years.

Although terms of furnace warranties vary, many companies require customers to get annual maintenance. Maintenance is known to help manufacturers save money because it prevents warranty-covered problems from happening. If you want to keep your warranty intact, invest in annual maintenance from an HVAC professional.

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