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Replaced outdoor unit (Condenser) and indoor unit (air handler). Excellent work! They were very responsive with my requests and professional when dealing with the details of our new system. We were able to fit into their schedule within 3 days and now we are relaxing in the AC just before the temps start rising. This company provides the hometown hospitality. Very fair price and workmanship from the lead and apprentice. In the end the leadman explained how the system functions and proper maintenance. Job took less than a days work and the clean up was perfect. HIGHLY recommend!

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Bill Lea Service Co takes care of several of my properties. They are always prompt, professional and incredibly honest. Love that I can make a phone call to them and then know the problem is solved.

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One of the smartest HVAC contractors I've ever met. Does things based on the numbers and does not guess. When you need it done correctly and after you've tried other people you will find this company to be the only ones that can fix it. I highly recommend. Do not waste your time with other companies no matter how large. Service was fast.

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