May 17, 2022
Leaking AC in Sherwood, AR

If you notice a pool of water under your outdoor AC unit, it may not be anything to be concerned about. On the contrary, it may also turn out to be something that you need to call an HVAC company to look at.

When Is AC Leaking Normal?

There are two reasons that your AC isn’t a major cause for concern. If you set the thermostat too low, your AC system will have to work really hard to cool your home. Or it may be extremely hot and humid outside. In either situation, water will pool around the outdoor AC unit.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter that becomes clogged will reduce the flow of air through it. This can cause the evaporator coils in your outdoor AC unit to freeze. When the condensation melts, it may overflow the drain pan and end up pooling around the AC unit. To fix this problem, replace the air filter every few months.

Low Refrigerant Level

When the refrigerant level in your AC system is too low, it loses pressure. This will cause the coils to freeze, and when they melt it can overflow the drain pan.

Bill Lea Service in Sherwood, AR, can help when your AC system has a low refrigerant level. We have a 24/7 emergency repair service for when your problem can’t wait.

Faulty Installation

If you notice water pooling around a new AC unit, it may be improperly sized for your home. It may also be that it wasn’t installed correctly.

Condensate Drain Is Blocked

Water collects on the surface of an evaporator coil inside your home. The water drains into a pan under it and then into a condensate drain that route it outside. The condensate drain can become blocked by mold and debris, so water pools out of your indoor AC unit.

At Bill Lea Service, we repair, install and tune-up air conditioners, furnaces, packaged units and heat pumps. We also offer air handlers, ductless systems and automation systems. Please call today for all your HVAC needs!

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