November 20, 2021
Furnace Leak in Sherwood, AR

If you go to your furnace and find water on the floor next to it, you may be confused about why your furnace is leaking. Furnaces can leak water for several different reasons, and it is a situation you will need to get repaired as soon as possible. Standing water can damage your floors and lead to mold and mildew growth.

What Should You Do When You See Water?

If you see standing water next to or near your furnace, you will want first to cut your furnace off. After you have cut your furnace off, you should mop up the water. Use a shop vacuum to ensure that all the water is removed. If you have carpet, you will want to use a carpet cleaner to suck up all the water. You will then want to put a fan on the carpet to ensure that it gets completely dry.

What Caused the Water Leak?

Several things can cause water leaks with your furnace. These include:

Clogged Condensate Line

Your condensate line can get clogged with debris over time. This will cause your furnace to leak water from the condensate pan. In some cases, your furnace may also start blowing cold air.

Failed Condensate Pump

The condensate pump moves the water through the drain trap and out the condensate line. In some cases, this pump can fail, causing a water backup.

Incorrectly Sized Vent Pipe

In some cases, an incorrectly sized exhaust pipe will trap gasses and not allow them to release. When they cool in the pipe and condense, this forms a liquid that will leak from your furnace.

Humidifier Leakage

If you have a humidifier hooked to your HVAC system, it can sometimes become leaky or have a blockage that will put water out on your floor.

At Bill Lea Service, we will work hard to ensure that your furnace does not leak water into your home. We serve the Sherwood and Central Arkansas area. We offer HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance agreements. Please give us a call today if you notice water in the floor next to your furnace.

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