June 13, 2022
AC damper install in Sherwood, Arkansas

It’s never too late to learn more about your home’s HVAC system. Dampers are one of the most overlooked parts of your ductwork. Learning more about dampers can improve your home’s temperature control and energy usage.

HVAC System Dampers

Dampers are found on a variety of appliances, from grills to wood stoves to HVAC systems. This part is often plate-shaped and can help you restrict airflow in the ductwork. Dampers are similar to registers but have a much bigger impact. Rather than cutting off airflow to a singular room, dampers allow you to close off entire areas of the home. They’re especially effective in bigger homes or buildings with more than one floor.

HVAC System Dampers Not every home has or needs a damper. They’re often located in the attic or basement and can be identified by an external handle or screw. If you think your system has a damper but you can’t find it, remove your vent cover and shine a light inside. Automatic dampers, which are most often present in zone-controlled systems, don’t have to be adjusted.

Dampers are best used to seasonally improve your home’s efficiency and temperature control. For example, you may be struggling to keep your upstairs cool during the hot summer days. By closing off your basement and unused first-floor rooms, you can channel more air into your upstairs. Dampers can also be used in the winter to bring more heat to cooler areas. Utilizing your HVAC system’s dampers during the year will boost your home’s overall indoor comfort.

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