January 10, 2022
Furnace Reset in Sherwood, AR

Resetting your furnace or heat pump can fix small issues with your airflow or weak heating. Here’s how to safely reset your machine to help your home and family be more comfortable this season.

Resetting the Heat Pump

Unlike furnaces, your heat pump will be located outside the home. Your model may have a light that indicates if the pump is functioning as intended. Always check the owner’s manual before attempting to reset your system. Start by turning off your thermostat and the power switch to the pump. The switch should be on the wall beside the pump or on the pump itself.

Turn off the breakers to the heat pump and then wait between three and five minutes for your system to fully reset. You can then turn the system back on in the reverse order of how you turned it off. Start with the breakers and then the power switch before turning the thermostat back on last.

Resetting the Furnace

To reset a gas furnace, lower the thermostat, turn off the main gas supply and check that the pilot is off. After a few moments, you can relight the pilot, turn the gas back on and adjust the thermostat to your preferred temperature settings. If you smell any strange odors, notice corrosion or rust or see water gathering in the furnace, contact a professional for expert maintenance.

Many modern electric and oil furnaces have an easy reset button. Consult the owner’s manual to determine the location of your brand’s button and how long to hold it. You can generally hold the reset button for 30 seconds then wait up to a minute before holding it again for 30 seconds. After resetting your furnace, it should back to running at maximum efficiency.

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