December 20, 2021
Furnace Rust in Sherwood, AR

Rust on or inside your furnace isn’t a good thing because it causes damage to the system. It also indicates something else is wrong with your furnace.

Nearby Moisture Source

External furnace rust might be coming from a nearby moisture source. Over time, rust can do damage to your furnace, so it’s not something you should ignore. Try to remove the external source of moisture to protect your furnace’s lifespan.

Danger to the Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is a critical component of your heating system that can pose a risk to your health and safety when it cracks. Rust on the heat exchanger makes it more likely to crack. In turn, dangerous gases will leak out of it.

Because the heat exchanger is inside your furnace, you need to schedule regular professional heating maintenance to make sure it’s not developing rust. Many other important tasks like cleaning the internal components are included with a professional tune-up. To keep your furnace in good condition, you need to schedule maintenance for it once a year.

Problems With the Condensate Line or Flue

A clogged condensate line or flue can cause your furnace to begin rusting. The heat exchanger and other internal components could develop rust when the condensate line or flue is clogged. Regular maintenance helps prevent these areas of the furnace from becoming clogged.

The Effect of Rust

Rust is unsightly; it causes the metal to weaken and crumble or flake away. It also eats away at the metal, causing more damage as time goes on.

Natural Rusting

Furnaces experience natural rusting over time, but the rust should only become a problem once a furnace is several years old. The average furnace lasts 15–20 years. Poor maintenance may result in the need for a furnace replacement sooner than this.

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