July 25, 2023
AC Maintenance in Sherwood, AR

When summer is just around the corner, it’s time for homeowners here in Sherwood, AR, to start preparing their home’s air conditioning system for the hot months that are ahead. This means routine maintenance such as cleaning air registers and vents, replacing air filters, and checking thermostat batteries. However, there’s a part of the average AC system that is often overlooked, and it needs regular attention, too. We’re talking about your AC’s outdoor unit. It needs periodic cleaning and maintenance so it can keep operating efficiently.

Start by Cutting the Power

The first thing you’ll want to do before cleaning your outdoor AC unit is to cut the power to your AC system. Typically, you can do this by way of an electrical box mounted somewhere near the outdoor unit itself. It should either have a circuit breaker switch you can turn off or a block you can pull out to cut the power. If you’re uncomfortable doing this or can’t figure out how, call in a professional from Bill Lea Service.

Clear Away Leaves and Debris

With the power turned off, you can now go about removing any leaves or debris that’s gathered in and around the outdoor AC unit. You should try to be as thorough as possible when you do this and avoid using any unnecessary force in and around the condenser fins inside the unit. They’re quite delicate and easily damaged. Then, you should trim back any plant growth to allow at least several feet of free space on all sides of the outdoor unit.

Rinse With a Garden Hose

Next, you can rinse away any built-up dirt using a garden hose. You should try to avoid spraying water directly into the condenser fins while doing this. Instead, rinse the unit from above with the water pressure turned down to create a gentle spray. This should dislodge any dirt that’s gotten into the fins and restore proper airflow between them.

Call in the Experts

If your AC’s outdoor unit hasn’t been cleaned in some time or requires other routine maintenance, you might be better off leaving the job to Bill Lea Service. We’ve served homeowners in the Sherwood area since 1982, offering HVAC repairs, maintenance, and installation services. We also handle duct cleaning and indoor air quality solutions. Our family of highly-trained and certified HVAC technicians can make short work of cleaning up your outdoor AC unit. For all of your HVAC needs in Sherwood, call Bill Lea Service today.

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