June 21, 2021
AC Cleaning in Sherwood, Arkansas

Arkansas has hot summers, and we want to help you keep your air conditioner working well throughout the entire season. If you clean your unit now, it will go a long way toward ensuring smooth operation so that you don’t have problems sneak up on you later.

The Indoor Unit

The first step to cleaning your air conditioner is to ensure that the electricity to the system is turned off at the electrical box. After shutting off the breaker, you may lose lights in the same area, so have a flashlight handy. Next, you can start working on the indoor unit. The first step is to take the door off so that you can reach the evaporator coil. Brush off the loose dust and vacuum it if necessary.

The next step is to clean the drip tray. This sometimes contains mold, so you should use a mixture of water and bleach to kill everything in the tray. Once you’ve done that, you can put the tray back in.

To finish cleaning the indoor part of your air conditioner, clear out the drain line if it’s blocked. All you have to do is find where the line empties, which will usually be either outside or in a drain on the basement floor. Use a wet vac to suck out whatever is blocking the line.

The Outdoor Unit

Take off the grate to get inside the unit. Use a vacuum to suck up dirt and leaves or a garden hose to spray them away. You should also straighten the fins on the unit because crooked fins can reduce the efficiency of your system. Then, take a spray that’s designed for condenser coils. Spray it on, and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Finally, rinse it off with some water.

Clean up the majority of any water in the unit and put the grate back on. Finish by clearing away any brush around the outside of the unit.

The final step is to turn the thermostat off, turn the switch in the electrical box back to the on position, and turn the thermostat to the cool position.

Whenever you need help with your air conditioner or furnace in or near Sherwood, turn to us at Bill Lea Service. We offer a complete range of heating and cooling installation, maintenance and repair services performed by technicians who care. Call us today.

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