February 5, 2021
Windows Energy Efficiency

In the average home, about 25% of heat loss is caused by windows and drafts. You can reduce this problem by making your windows more energy-efficient. This reduces your energy bills and makes your house more comfortable.

Caulk Your Windows

Outdoor air gets into your residence through gaps between the glass and window frame. You can apply either caulk or weather stripping to seal these gaps. While caulk and weather stripping usually last a long time, check your windows every year to make sure they’re tightly sealed.

Install an Awning

An awning over a window blocks the sun. This reduces the amount of solar heat coming into your home during the summer. You can either install individual awnings or choose a large one to cover multiple windows. They should be installed on the south and western sides of your house.

Apply Window Film

You can apply tinted window film to reduce solar heat from entering your residence. You can either apply permanent or temporary film. The temporary film allows you to remove it in the winter so that you get free heat from the sun.

Add Window Treatments

Thick drapes improve your window’s energy efficiency in the winter and summer. They prevent heat from entering and leaving your home. You always have the option to open the drapes if you want to let the sun in.

Add Storm Windows

You also have the option of installing interior or exterior storm windows. They improve energy efficiency and reduce airflow. Storm windows are easy to install and have the added benefit of reducing noise. They only last a few years, though, so storm windows can be costly.

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