December 20, 2022
Furnace in Sherwood, AR

If it’s time to consider replacing the heater in your Sherwood home, you may weigh the pros and cons of an electric versus a gas heater. Both electric and gas heaters are efficient, and each has pros and cons that you should consider when upgrading.

Differences Between Electric and Gas Heaters

Gas heaters burn fuel such as LPG, oil, or natural gas to heat your home. Electric heaters can either be separate heating appliances for each room in your home that radiate heat or a central electric heater that uses forced air to warm the rooms in your home.

Cost and Energy Efficiency of Electric Versus Gas Heaters

The average kilowatt-hour unit of gas is 25% of the cost of the kilowatt-hour of electric heat. However, gas heaters are less efficient, with the most efficient models losing up to 10% of their energy as the heat is transmitted through the home. An electric heater’s energy efficiency can be increased using smart systems that attempt to prevent using heat during peak electric hours when the cost is more expensive.

The upfront cost of an electric heater is typically between 30% and 50% cheaper than a gas unit. Installation is also more expensive with gas heaters.

Modern electrical heaters can be 100% efficient. This means every kilowatt-hour is turned into heat. Gas heaters can be between 55% for older models and 97% efficient for newer energy-efficient models.

The energy efficiency of a gas furnace is based on how much of the fuel gets turned into heat. A gas heater can heat your home quicker and warm a larger space faster than an electric heater.

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