April 20, 2023
Energy Saving in Sherwood, AR

Tightly controlling your energy costs this summer shouldn’t leave you in sweltering conditions. You can run the air conditioner in your Sherwood, Arkansas home without spending a veritable fortune. The following are seven easy ways to save while keeping your living environment comfortably cool.

1. Raise Your Thermostat Setting

Raising your thermostat setting by just two to three degrees can have a remarkable impact on your home energy bill. Best of all, this is a temperature change that your body can easily acclimate to.

2. Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans

If you have ceiling fans in your home, set them to turn counterclockwise in summer. This will push cool air down and make it easier to adjust to your higher thermostat setting.

3. Invest in a Smart or Programmable Thermostat

With a smart or programmable thermostat, you can adjust your indoor temperature to reflect your schedule. You can program your air conditioner to turn on just before you get home and to turn back off when you head out for work.

4. Have Your Air Conditioner Tuned Up

Annual AC tune-up service keeps air conditioners working efficiently. You can also perform regular AC filter changes and clean your HVAC air registers, grilles, or vents.

5. Seal Your HVAC Air Ducts

Leaky HVAC air ducts are a constant source of energy loss when the air conditioner is running. Have your HVAC air ducts inspected before the cooling season starts and seal them as needed.

6. Weatherize and Insulate Your Home

Seal up air leaks at your windows and doors to prevent conditioned air from seeping outside. You can also add more insulation to your home or upgrade to insulation with a higher R-value.

7. Give Your AC Condenser Some Shade

Keeping your AC condenser cool can also increase your energy savings by reducing the amount of work that your cooling system must do. You can install a nearby awning or put up a freestanding structure that blocks the condenser from direct sunlight. You should additionally remove any debris at the condenser’s perimeter to ensure that fallen leaves, branches, and twigs aren’t inhibiting airflow.

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